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Hi I'm Talon Bonanno! I'm 16 years old, I live in Sacramento, CA and have been fighting cancer for 3 years. I was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk Neuroblastoma at age 13. 

It has been a long hard journey, and I am still fighting. I have spent hundreds of days and lots of holidays in the hospital. It is one of the hardest, loneliness things I have to do.

   But thankfully my community, family, and friends support me and do all they can to make my stay as comfortable as possible. This means giftcards to my favorite restaurants, Xbox One video game system, Xbox One video games, and my beloved Amazon Fire Stick, that allows me to watch any movie and tv show I want. 

   But not every patient is as blessed as I am. My Mom and I see it everyday, there are kids here all alone, kids who can't afford to buy their favorite take-out food, kids who don't have a Amazon Fire Stick and have to watch hospital TV, or don't have a game system to play video games on.

   And all I think about is how sad and lonely they must be. So this is the reason I came up with #TSCMC (#Talonstrongchocolatemilkchallenge). I would like to purchase all of these things for every hospital room on the pediatric floor starting with Kaiser Roseville and then hopefully be able to do the same for other pediatric floors! 

  So PLEASE join me in my chocolate milk challenge to bring some happiness to all these kids who are fighting for their lives!

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  Anyone can participate, you do not have to be nominated

  1. Must be at least 1 cup of chocolate milk. If you are allergic to milk products you may substitute with your choice of almond milk, lactose free milk, coconut milk, etc.

  2. Must nominate at least 3 people or donate but please do both.

  3. Timer starts when you start drinking

  4. Share share share...SHARE EVERYWHERE





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